Tundra Newsletter 08

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苔原通讯 08

This is a list of articles that I find interesting recently.

“AI Everywhere, for Everyone.”
Apple buys Xnor.ai, an edge-centric AI2 spin-out, for price in $200M range – GeekWire

Sometimes, we may be driven by human nature to benevolently act against our own self interest when faced with a prisoner’s dilemma.
Technical debt and the prisoner’s dilemma — or how game theory can affect your software team’s… - By James Flight

if you could choose, what would make for a good death?
Death by design

“We thought of it as an expedition because it really took some time in terms of preparation and execution,” says Harms, “and because you’re really going into no-man’s land, where no-one has been before, and that is really unusual today.
The deepest hole we have ever dug - BBC Future

It used to be “what to watch” and now it’s “whether to watch” – and the answer is increasingly “no, I’m going to play a game”.
7 Reasons Why Video Gaming Will Take Over — Matthew Ball